CAP Genève
Centre for Astroparticle Physics

CAP Genève

The Centre for Astroparticle Physics - CAP Genève - groups together researchers from the University of Geneva active in astroparticle physics.

Particle physicists, cosmologists and high-energy astrophysicists study complementary aspects of our world: recent particle-physics results are needed to understand many astrophysical and cosmological observations as well as to develop new-generation instruments, whereas results from astrophysics and cosmology bring us knowledge on properties of particles innacessibles for laboratory measurements.

This intellectual affinity is complemented by increasing similarities in scientific approaches. All need great instruments, sometimes the same, on ground or in space to advance the common knowledge. A deeply interdisciplinary research was thus born in recent years.

This link is marked in Geneva with the creation of the center of astroparticle physics - CAP Genève - which groups together researchers working in these areas in different departments of the University.

The inauguration of CAP Genève took place at the ISDC on Wednesday 9 mars 2011.

>> Press release of the University of Geneva

Le centre de physique des astroparticules - CAP Genève - regroupe les chercheurs actifs dans le domaine de la physique des astroparticules de l'Université de Genève.